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​​​​​​Single End Sizing System

Precise tension control derived from T-Tech Japan's advanced electronics technology. Single-End-Sizing System provides dramatic effect for fine denier filament. Wide versatility for all kinds of filament, even with zero twist. Years of intensive research resulted in technology for quality sizing and the development of the TSE30F. The TSE30F responds to your various requests with a wider array of options.

TSE30F Filament Sizing Machine 

TSD30F Supply Stand

TB30F Beamer ​

TW30F Warper

TCR-H / TCR-HT Creel


​​Evolving sizing machine

The motors and our unique control technology stably control the tension from the lowest 40 N. The low tension control is especially efficient for delicate yarns like fine yarns and a small lot. The machine also operates with stable tension during acceleration and deceleration.

Ultra-low tension control (option) is introduced. Stable tension control in a wide range is possible.

Quality (High Quality Fabric)
The auto-tuning function of temperature control [Patented] realizes stable temperature control[Patented] in a wide range from high to low temperature.

Max. yarn speed: 300, 500 m/min

Easy operration and Easy Maintenance
User friendly "Sizing Navigation System"

Energy saving
Optimized & precise hot air circulation by inverter-controlled blower system



Following development

Delicate yarns, such as super-fine yarns, require the tension to be set according to the yarn fineness. Setting in increments of 1 N allows finely-tuned setting and control. Stable rate of elongation is kept. There are no dancer rolls between the supply stand and the sizing machine, resulting in no snarling problem. High quality yarns are supplied by the sizing machine.



Developing together.

Various specifications of the pulling-out tension for the beam stand from ultra-low for super fine yarns to high tension for technical textiles are in our product lineup.

The TB30F has high flexibility. Its take-up tension is in the range from 450 N to the maximum 7800 N/dia. 800 mm for high-density fabric. (Option: Tension of 300 to 5900 N/dia. 800 mm is available.) 



Developed to handle the yarns

The nip tension control system is employed as standard. With this system, quality warping is possible for a wide range of yarn kinds: chemical and synthetic, non-twist and high twist, and super fine to thick yarns by holding the yarns with the nip roll.


TCR-H.jpg TCR-HT.jpg

Adaptable for large supply packages weighing up to 20kg.

The TCR-H Semi-Magazine Creel and the TCR-HT Truck Creel are available. Quick and easy doffing operations of supply packages are possible, and stable tension can be easily set.



T-MDS (Machine Data Station)

All the preparatory machines (sizing machines, warpers, and beamers) employ the T-MDS computer control system with a full-color graphic display as standard. All the condition settings are available with a simple integrated touch-key operation. By registering a maximum of 300 styles in advance, operating conditions are integrated to avoid mis-operation.

T-PMS (Preparation Management System)(Option)

LAN communication (Ethernet) is possible on the T-MDS. Operation controls such as operation check, production record, and scheduling can be made easily from the host computer located in the office.​