​​​​​Composite Machinery​

Tsudakoma started in 1909. They continue the innovation in textile machinery which led the Industrial Revolution. Their high-speed jet looms, which dominate the main products of the textile machinery division, have been delivered to more than sixty countries all over the world. Tsudakoma is assessed as a top brand in the world.

In 2008, Tsudakoma developed the first automatic lay-up machine for carbon prepreg in Japan. A slitter designed for prepreg was produced in 2010, and a drape forming machine was produced in 2011. The tension control technology developed for textile machinery and the positioning control technology for machine tool attachments were applied to the composite machinery. As a result, Tsudakoma cleared the exacting quality test of aircraft manufacturers. Also, their products have been field proven in Japan. In 2013, Tsudakoma completed a new automatic lay-up machine with enhanced versatility, achieving a machine lineup for automated composite processing solution.​


Tsudakoma's composite machinery is supported by their "proven original technology": Based on over 100 years of experience with textile-machine and machine-tool industries, and responds to the exacting quality demands from the aerospace industry.

The software provided with Tsudakoma's composite machinery is also self-developed. By developing the brains of our devices, our machines achieve a unique mechanism and convenience that others can not attain.​

TPS Tsudakoma Prepreg Slitter

TAL Tsudakoma Auto Lay-up Machine

TDS Tsudakoma Drape Forming System

Carbon Fiber Weaving - Rapier Loom

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